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A Butterfly Dance

Ever watch a butterfly dance?

      Light as air it swoops

                                     and dives and


     For a second, it rests on a tulip's single petal.

                                      Only for a second.

     Wings as soft as a bunny's fur,

                                      fragile as ash,


     I reach out to calm the nervous rhythm.

    With one tiny twitch, it rises bobbing and weaving.

Ever watch a butterfly dance?

    She dances, this woman down the street.

    Light as a breeze on a summer's day,

                                      she glides

                                               from moment to moment.

     For a second, she pauses.

                                      Only for a second.

     Eyes as blue as the sky,


                                            revealing the pain deep within her soul.

    I reach out to warm the cold, lonely place in her fragile heart.

    In the blink of an eye, she's gone, that woman down the street.

Ever watch a butterfly dance?

      Copyright © 2005 Kim M. Simpson *  All Rights Reserved