A Butterfly Dance

Happy New Year 2005

What better day to start a new project.  Actually blogging isn't something that has been on my burning list of 'Things To Do', but it occurred to me a few days ago - after reading a Time Magazine article about famous bloggers - that this might be a  way to voice my opinions (to someone other than my Mother who probably gets tired of my 'mouth', especially in regard to politics, but listens patiently anyway). 

In addition to being fun, this could also help me to achieve a few other goals:

  1. Write more frequently in an organized way.
  2. Connect with my friends more frequently.
  3. Achieve my New Year's Resolutions (which I faithfully make, and do keep).
  4. Show more of my photography.

So here I am.  I'm not going to sit down and post every bit of minutae from my life, that would bore me to tears, let alone any other poor soul who might show up here.  I'm not sure 'what' I'll post each day.  But I am sure about one thing - there's plenty 'out there' in the world to see, do, photograph, and write about.  So let's get to it. 


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