Today Instead Of Someday -
Time of Difficulties . . .

Reward vs. Regret -

Enjoy rewarding life instead of a life of regret . . .

"There is an alternative to regret.  In the next few days, consider making January 1, 2007 the day that you begin a new chapter in your life story, a chapter in which you actually write about your beloved dream, or one of many beloved dreams.  In January, Dare to Dream.  Dare to consider the possibility that you can pursue your dreams, big and small, if you pick just one and pusue it with a passion.  If you're not sure what your true dreams are, or which ones to pursue, or how to pursue them - drop by in the coming year.  I'll be here day after day - working on my 2007 dream:  helping you to achieve your dream, your 2007 New Year Resolution."

Kim M. Simpson - December 27, 2006
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