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Today Instead Of Someday -

"Just five days and counting!   Are you ready for the New Year?  Are you ready to open your mind and Dare To Dream?  Pursue Your Dream?  Achieve Your Dream? 

Are you ready to stop waiting for 'Someday?'  Someday I'll write that book.  Someday I'll start exercising.  Someday I'll learn photography.  Someday I'll spend more quality time with my kids.  Someday I'll get a new job.  Someday I'll pay off my debt.  Someday, someday, someday . . .

Think about it.  Those somedays add up: days turn into months, months into years.  The years pass by so quickly.  Instead of waiting to 'pursue your dream someday far in the future' do it in 2007.

One Resolution, One Day At A Time For One Year.  Let's 'go for it' in 2007!"

Kim M. Simpson - December 27, 2006
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