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Resolutions - Day 364

Crazy busy day.  I wasn't going to work today, but ended up doing just that, since I had a bunch of work and personal projects that needed attention before the long holiday weekend.  Then off to run a slew of errands this evening, which took much longer than I expected, but I got everthing done.   So now maybe I can relax this weekend with reading, my  blogs, writing, and photography projects (and probably some exercise and a little house cleaning thrown in). 

The past few years I haven't been in the mood to go out to the bars and restaurants on New Year's Eve the way I use to.  Most recently I've been relaxing at home, ringing in the new year in a simpler more spiritual way.  This may in some small measure be a sign of age, as I just don't bounce back as quickly anymore after an evening of eating, drinking and partying.  Recovery that use to take one day, now takes a couple days.  Maybe that's good in at least one respect:  it forces me to stick with my two drink limit during an evening out.  More healthy and no hangover!

So, I'm looking forward to tomorrow and the New Year - especially in regard to moving my new blogs, writing and photography projects forward.  And my two tabby buddies, Bugsy and BJ will be right here with me!  For now, I'm going to finish my newspapers and reading then hit the sheets.  Better 'get to it'.

Resolutions - Day 363

A day just for me!  Since my vacation is winding down, I decided to just relax and do some reading and napping.  Things will start heating up again next week with work, though not nearly as busy as it was before the holidays. The House and Senate won't be back until the end of January, so I should have time to get caught up with the projects that I didn't finish the past few weeks. 

January will also be prime time for work on my two new blogs/websites (for my resolution project and my photography business).  I should be able to finish most of the work on the new sites next month, though the photography site will be on-going, as I update it with both new and older photos.   The past couple of days I've been procrastinating on both projects because I have so much work to do on them - but I'll get back into it tomorrow and Saturday.  For now, I'm going to get off here so I can do more reading, then hit the sheets.  Better 'get to it'!

Resolutions - Day 362

I've said it before and I'll say it again: as much as I love to travel, and spend time with family and friends away from my home, I love to return to my home much more.  I think as I've aged I feel this a little more deeply, but also it's tied to the fact that I have found a home, garden, and a place (city, region) that I love, and I appreciate that with my whole heart and soul.

I had a wonderful vacation this past week, but I was relieved, tonight, to set foot in my house and greet my two kitties, who I'm sure were lost the past week without me.  There's no conceit in those words, it's just a fact.  My two tabbies and I bonded many many years ago.  If I didn't have to go out and earn a living, most days I'd rather be with them than anywhere else.  I miss them as much as they miss me when I travel.  Actually, I think everyone is relieved tonight!  I'll sleep in my own bed with a cat wrapped around my head like a pair of ear muffs, and another one prowling around the house, poking his head in my bedroom over and over again to make sure I'm still home.

So all is good.  I'm home.  Bugsy and BJ are happy.  I'm looking forward to getting back into my routine, finishing projects, starting new projects, and greeting the new year in just four days.  With that I'm going to get off here, read my newspapers and hit the sheets.  Better 'get to it'.

Resolutions - Day 361

New Year's Day is just four days away and I'm excited about the clean slate that the new year will bring.  It's an opportunity to close out old projects, launch new resolutions and take on-going projects and goals to the next level.  This past week I've been determined to end the year in a blaze of glory regarding my resolution to exerise for at least 30 minutes each day.  I wasn't able to exercise for a couple weeks this month due to a cold/sinus infection, but now that I'm better I've been working out on the treadmill for a hour or more each day.  It feels great both mentally and physically to be back at it.

Next year, I plan to make daily exercise one of my main goals again - increasing my daily exercise from 30 minutes to an hour.  I'm looking forward to great variety in my exercise program.  Variety this year helped to stave off boredom and keep me interested.  For the next few months I plan to focus on indoor swimming, biking, weights, Yoga, and some walking outdoors.  In the Spring and summer it will be wonderful to move everything outdoors again:  swmimming, gardening, tennis, biking, walking, gardening, and so on.  It should be great fun.

For now, I'm going to do some reading then hit the sheets so I can get up early - more time on the treadmill tomorrow, then I'll get on a plane and head home (it's been great to have a week to relax with my family and old friends, lots of restaurants, shopping, good food and conversation).  This past week has also afforded an opportunity to do some reading, and it's again time to pull out my latest read, The Historian.  Better 'get to it'.